How it all began


 Years ago while delving into the “real” world of soap making, Vivian found herself imagining what she could do with her love for all things natural.  She was initially floored when she discovered, as a young adult, that the soap she was using on her body was made with ingredients she couldn’t even pronounce.  Not all chemicals are bad but those were definitely not good.  She always thought that her dry skin condition was just genetic, until I she made her first batch of pure soap and finally got to use it after a tedious 4 weeks of waiting till the batch was ready.  She was so excited that she almost gave it all away to friends and family. She needed everyone to understand and feel what they were missing.  She has never used another type of soap since.  She has since trialed many recipes and came to one perfect balance of a pure bar that rendered 3 most important attributes; moisture, cleansing power and a hardness that made her bar last longer.  It is her yin and yang.

Two years after her first batch, she needed to give back to the world what was obviously a hidden or  underappreciated gift that nature had stowed away.  She worked really hard the first 2 years to not only create her perfect balanced recipe but to figure out how to introduce The Little Soap Shop to this big industrialized world. She started out with Astoria, her home town;  A great cozy community 15 minutes away from the hustle and bustle of midtown NYC.  In her little 200 square foot space she started making soap night after night.  Friends and family came and helped out with all the other details that come along with opening up the business. It was a successful day.  Almost 12 years in, and The Little Soap Shop is doing great and has expanded into Lavender Label. The name  "The Little Soap Shop" with our original lavender logo holds a very dear place in Vivi's heart that is why we will never let go of the name, and have incorporated our favorite ingredient (Lavender) into our new brand/business.  When you come into our shop, you can actually feel the charm it emits.  You can be sure that the aromas in our shop are for your benefit. Us and our staff will make sure you get the best attention for your skin’s concerns.   Our customers are like family! So come on by and check us out, you will be glad!